The Green Parrot Cafe | History
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Since 1926

1926 Richard Alfred Leckner opens the Green Parrot Cafe in Wellington.
1930 Taken over by  Mr Eddie, an American seaman who jumped ship in Wellington.
1932 Taken over by big Tony Marinovich who introduced the basis for today’s menu and installed the grill he made from melted down gun barrels still used today.
1940/46 Under new owners, Ivan Jakich and sons, the Café was always crowded and popular with the American & New Zealand servicemen.
1946 Greek brothers Tony and George Loizou become owners.
1959 Greek Romanian Con Makridis took up and kept the tradition of big meals.
1965 New Jersey Island born Ron Goulyette with Italian wife Maria cooked for the Prime Minister and All Blacks.
1970 Spiro and Angelo Sakoufakis, also from Greece, become owners.

1980 Famous Green Parrot neon sign flies away during refurbishment of building.
1987 Kosta and Angelo Sakoufakis become owners still offering the traditional 1930’s menu.
1996 70th birthday celebration attended by local sports and political dignitaries.
1997 Top secret coalition meetings held at the G.P.
1999 Start of G.P CLUB.
2000 G.P CLUB Welcomes the New Millennium with a party.
2003 Lord of the Rings Celebrity Party at the G.P.
2006 G.P Celebrates 80th Birthday.
2008 Launch of the annual Green Parrot Golf Open.
2016 90 Years Anniversary.